More than just a fuel distributor

Top-notch service for a reasonable price

A dependable partner

KBT Distributing LLC is more than just a Northwest fuel distributor. We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing top-notch professional service for a reasonable price. We supply superior products as well as the highest standard of excellence in customer service.

Our product solutions

Fleet Card Program

The KBT Cardlock Fueling Program brings you exceptional fueling controls and convenient access to over 125,000 sites nationwide through select fuel lock locations.

Fleet Card Benefits

  • No monthly card or service fee
  • No-line, high-speed diesel dispensers at most stations
  • Sites available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Local and national fueling locations
  • Eliminate misappropriations with customized controls
  • Live, customized transaction reports

Fraud Protection Controls

  • Gallon and product controls
  • Day and time restrictions
  • Immediate shut on/off
  • Transaction and gallons per transaction limits
  • E-receipts
  • CardWatch

Fuel Program

One of the most fundamental decisions a gas station owner must make is whether to offer branded or unbranded fuel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and we can help you set up either option for your business.

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Branded Fuel Program

We are excited to be able to partner and offer branded fuel options.

Many consumers prefer to purchase branded fuel because they feel the quality is higher. While fuel distributors may sell the same gasoline to both branded and unbranded retailers, only branded fuel is treated with additives designed to keep the gasoline cleaner and engines running better.

Branded fuel also comes with the value of name recognition. Many consumers develop assumptions of the quality of service from a certain brand of gas station and will drive out of their way to exclusively purchase fuel from that brand.

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Unbranded Fuel Program

In the unbranded fuel program, your product price is the lowest cost option in order to optimize your profit margins.

Your flexibility with unbranded fuel is tremendous. You have the ability to name your business, choose your own logo, set your hours of operations, and create your business rules.

Loyalty Program

Customers love loyalty programs because they can earn points or dollars toward discounts on future purchases. Everyone loves a good deal! Consumers find it easy to maintain a card or, use a phone number with the transaction to track the purchase. A loyalty card is a natural choice to stock up on points and future rewards for those that repeatedly visit the same convenient location. Your customers will also feel valued because they know you want them to return.

Loyalty programs are easy to maintain. We can provide a product that is easy to manage and roll out across your sites. Your role is simply promoting the program and motivating your customers to enroll.

Convenience Store Program

Today’s consumers are busier than ever. Continually connected to work through cell phones, on the run to bring children to school and other activities, or in a hurry to get errands done between jobs, your customers are desperately seeking to get more of the one thing they can’t buy: time.

Because gas stations are conveniently located where customers live, work, and shop, you have the opportunity to fulfill consumers’ needs by offering food, groceries, and other essentials they need on the run.

Our team can help develop a convenience store solution that fits your needs.

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Government Procurement

We are licensed to pull from many fuel terminals and pride ourselves on prompt deliveries and our “make it happen” attitude. We are well experienced in working with government agencies at all levels (federal, state, Tribal, and local). All of our business partners know and see our commitment to a job well done.

To date we hold the following certifications:

  • Small Business Classification

The services and NAICS Codes we provide are:

  • Wholesale Petroleum Distributor - 424710
  • Wholesale Propane Distributor - 424720
  • Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores - 447110
  • Fuel Dealers - 454310